Camp Grandmama and Grampy Campy – Camp #1 – Architect Day



I’m guessing that Frank Lloyd Wright didn’t play baseball.


He probably didn’t golf.


And I’m quite sure he didn’t play Marco Polo in the pool.  (In the interest of full disclosure, Charlie, R.J. and Ben did not play Marco Polo in the pool.)

Our budding architects, on the other hand, played baseball, golfed, swam AND managed to still have Architect Day.

Did Architect Day go as I had originally planned?

Not exactly.

Since I didn’t know a hip roof from a gambrel, I had to do some homework.  I even engaged the docent services of our friend, Bill, who knows everything (and I mean everything) about the area, architecture and design.

I also put together a pretty nice Architect Day packet of “fun” for the boys (if I do say so myself….and evidently I do say so myself).

Architect Day.001

(Seriously, don’t you want to play Architect Bingo?)

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to use the packet, or Bill (sorry, Bill).  The boys had so much going on, we just didn’t have time for the full-on, hyper-charged, soup to nuts architectural immersion.

But we DID find some time to make (drum roll please)…


Yes.  A Geodesic Dome.  Walther Bauersfeld’s innovative and structurally sound dome of continuous tension popularized by Buckminster Fuller in the early 1950’s.  A Geodesic Dome.  Inspiration for such buildings as the Houston Astrodome, Epcot’s Spaceship Earth and, of course…



We also answered the week long question….why did you need rolled up newspaper logs?

To get this particular geodome party started, we constructed a series of gumdrop/toothpick geodesic dome … things.


After we had consumed several of our gum-drop structures, we decided we’d better get moving on our construction.

We began at dusk, so had to deal with fading light and accelerating bug population.


We laid out the base and joined the newspaper logs with masking tape joints.


This is the way I showed the boys to make the joints.  It provides some flexibility while adding some stability.


Grampy was getting bug-bit, so this is the way he made the joints.  (If you ever make a geodesic dome, use my joints.  Trust me.)


We continued laying out the dome and attaching the newspaper struts.  Look at the enthusiasm!


The excitement was palpable…

..but the bug-bit, water-logged, golf fatigued, baseball warriors agreed that they had fun building the dome.


An observation:
We built the dome in an open area at the hotel.  It stayed in place for the entire Camp.

Superior construction.

As for the “Architect Day” story cubes?


I had originally planned for the boys to use different examples of geodesic domes on their cubes.  The boys had a different idea.


I’m guessing Frank Lloyd Wright probably didn’t follow sports.

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