Camp Grandmama and Grampy Campy – Camp #2 – Magic Day

Children have a deep and abiding commitment to certain things…

Child Belief.001 Child Belief.002 Child Belief.003

AND ….

Child Belief.005

(I probably should have found a way for some Magic Kits to mysteriously appear at this point, but I have to confess my complete lack of prestidigitation skills).

A few years ago, when on vacation with our sons Brad and Mike, we spent some time in a magic shop.  I left with a collection of “tricks” that I felt sure would impress our grand-kids.  “Grandmama is an Amazing Magician” they would tell their friends.  “She can make money disappear, conjure bunnies out of hats and perform illusions better than any other Grandma in the world” they would proclaim.  I would smile, humbly, and accept their praise.



…the “bag of tricks” has stayed in a shoebox in my office for all these years.


Since I wasn’t able to make Magician Kits mysteriously appear…I used …

Child Belief.006

Two day delivery.  Low Prices.  Now … that’s magic!

(Note:  Amazon has NOT paid for this endorsement.  In fact, they aren’t even aware of this endorsement.  I just happen to LOVE Amazon Prime….) 

Over the years, I have purchased Magic Kits for various grand-kids.  The results have not been magical.  Generally, parts of the kits go missing, pieces fall apart or the tricks don’t work particularly well.  I was sure there was no perfect answer to the perfect Magic Kit.

Until ….

….I found …

…(drum roll please) ….

…the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Magic Kit!!!!

What?  A perfect Magic Kit?  Wait until you see.

Everything is made of wood and beautifully painted!

Child Belief.007

The tricks are easy but still magic!

The designs on the tricks are beautifully rendered!

Each trick is explained in simple language!

Okay, okay.   I’ll stop.   But … really … if you want a quality Magic Kit for a child in your life (or…maybe you want one for yourself!!) … you just have to get a Melissa and Doug Magic Kit!!

The kit I bought for the kids was around $28.00 from Amazon (the one featured above), but they have other versions for around $19.00 (if you click on any of the pictures, you can order from Amazon, but please don’t feel obliged).

I didn’t buy either of these kits (yet), but it looks like they are every bit as nice as the kit I purchased.

Okay, I promise.  I’ll stop about the Magic Kits.

Let’s get back to Camp.


Did I mention that we loved the Magic Kit so much that we played with it all morning?

We also made our own tricks.

Carson the Clever introduces “The Disappearing Nickel Trick”







Want to see it again?

I hope so, because we have a little girl standing right here who wants to show you her trick…

Mackenzie the Magnificent introduces “The Disappearing Penny Trick”






Thank you for your kind indulgence.

Of course, we can’t show you how we did the trick.  It’s magic, after all!!


Naturally, we had to go to a Magic Show.  Bonus!  Magic AND Comedy!!


Actually, it was pretty good.

We ended Magic Day with our own magic show.

Please join me in welcoming the magic stylings of Carson the Clever and Mackenzie the Magnificent!!

Click below if you want to see them pull a rabbit out of the hat.

Carson Mack Magic Performance

Thank you


Thank you


Thank you very much




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