Leprechaun Doughnut Box Redux

Evidently there is a run on Leprechaun Doughnut Boxes.

Leprechaun Box Sainsburys.001

Over the holidays, a UK grocery chain (Sainsbury’s) asked if they could feature my Leprechaun Doughnut Boxes in their Holiday circular (to be used for the Elves).

I was very excited.  Who would have thought that a random (but very discerning) editor from the UK would have seen the Leprechaun Boxes and said “Blimey, that’s brill, innit?”

Leprechaun Box FF.001

As if this wasn’t enough …. Family Fun Magazine (one of my very favorite magazines) contacted me to see if they could feature my Leprechaun Doughnuts and Doughnut Boxes in their St. Patrick’s Day issue!



I couldn’t contain my delusions of grandeur.  I envisioned a vast empire cluttered with cloverly-adorned cruller cartons!  A dynasty founded on diminutive donut boxes!

Evidently it takes more than two interested parties to make an Empire…..

and so, I’ll just share the new template for your St. Patrick’s Day pleasure.

Leprechaun Trap and Donut Boxes

It was good to be Emperor…..

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