Little Bunny Face….

Whenever my Dad gave my Mom a card, he would sign it with the sweetest little bunny face.

Bunny Face-1-2

Every card, every letter…for all of their married life, he would sign his letters and cards and sweet little notes the same way.

Bunny Face-1

This picture is exactly why my Dad thought Mom was such a sweet bunny face…


(You can’t see it, but that is a pink angora sweater my Mom is wearing..)


(Dad was pretty cute, too).

Since Easter is approaching, I thought it would be sweet to make a few bunny noses (I threw in a few chick noses as well).


You’re welcome.

Bunny Nose-01

Here’s the template for the chick and bunny noses so you can have your own little bunny face.

Straw Toppers Template

Happy Easter!!

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