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Martha Called Luci

Martha called…

Like 0 Google +1 0 Retweet 1 What? What’s that you say?  Martha called?  Do you mean Martha Stewart? (uncanny how I am able to exactly determine what is in … Read More »

Easter 2

Like 0 Google +1 0 Retweet 1 It was a busy Easter this year …. for everyone in our house. Over the last few weeks, Mr. H and I heard … Read More »

Glasswax Mirror Finished

The Pink Stuff – My Glasswax Adventure

Like 15 Google +1 0 Retweet 1 Raise your hand if you remember Glass Wax. Raise your other hand if you remember “painting” on windows and mirrors with Glass Wax. … Read More »

ABC Tgiving A Redux

My ABC Thanksgiving

Like 3 Google +1 0 Retweet 1 Quickly, quickly.  I need to get this posted so I can begin thinking about Christmas!!! The easiest way to tell you about our … Read More »

Cousin Tree

Consanguinity (My Cousin Tree)

Like 14 Google +1 0 Retweet 0   Mr. H. and I went on a trip. A three day trip. Once I explain it, I’m sure you will understand why … Read More »


Labor Day Weekend: Pantry Party/Freezer Fest

Like 17 Google +1 0 Retweet 0 By the end of summer, our cupboard, pantry and freezer were filled with food that somehow didn’t get turned into recipes. Our solution? … Read More »

A friend I never met before came by the house today

Like 0 Google +1 0 Retweet 0 Two years ago, shortly after my Mom passed away, I came home from running some errands, and found this note on the door: … Read More »

Camp Grandmama and Grampy Campy (3/4YO) – Day 3 Highlights….and a stroll down memory lane…

Like 7 Google +1 0 Retweet 0 When I was very young, one of my most vivid recollections at Christmas-time was our family’s annual visit to the magical Christmas displays … Read More »

We Are Glop

Like 0 Google +1 0 Retweet 0 My Grandma and Grandpa S. lived on a farm. It was far enough away that we couldn’t visit as often as we might … Read More »

A Flock of Family

Like 0 Google +1 0 Retweet 0 They pile in the door (hugs and kisses), they drag in bags of goodies (hugs and kisses), they figure out where they are going … Read More »