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Canvas Wrapped Print for about $1.00

Expensive if I had sent each picture out to be canvas wrapped, when I can do this for $1.00 a print….why not?

How to make a hotel flower

Like 11 Google +1 0 Retweet 1 If you should just happen to be in a poorly lit hotel with glitter, glue and crepe paper and you find that you … Read More »

Teaching a child to sew – A Grandmother’s Tale – Part 2 (Organizing a Sewing Kit)

There is nothing more frustrating that beginning a project without all the tools. Here is a handy list of things to include in a sewing basket.

Teaching a child to sew – A Grandmother’s Tale – Part 1

Some simple methods for teaching a child to sew. A combination of tips from the pros with some hands on experience by Grandma.

My “it isn’t everything, but it comes pretty close” Grandma Craft Cart

If you like to do projects with your grand-kids, nieces or nephews, this cart is perfect. Pack everything you need in one easy to move cart.

Heart Bookmarks

Quick & easy, you just need envelopes (new or old), some pretty paper (or crayons) & some scissors. Maps, Pictures or Love Letters work too!

Origami Flower

Don’t let origami intimidate you. Take charge of your paper destiny. Make a bunch. Make two bunches. Get creative. Get Romantic.

Sparkling Snowflakes for your Windows

Even if snow isn’t in the forecast, you and the children in your life can make dozens of these sparkling snowflakes for your windows.

Duct Tape Flowers

This is such an easy and uncomplicated project everyone will want to make one. You only need a pencil and duct tape. Really. That’s it.

Camp Grandmama and Grampy Campy – Ancient Egypt Day – How to Make The Game of Senet

I can guarantee you will have lots of fun playing Senet, but you and the kids will really feel the pride of accomplishment if you make your own board.