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Fairy Gardening

The fairies who live behind our wall have been busy getting ready to garden. These seed packets will help to keep them organized.

Easter 2

Like 0 Google +1 0 Retweet 1 It was a busy Easter this year …. for everyone in our house. Over the last few weeks, Mr. H and I heard … Read More »

Just a little more Easter…

Like 0 Google +1 0 Retweet 0 Good grief. I spilled water on my laptop. Evidently that’s a problem. So….this post is coming directly from my iPad. Not the optimal … Read More »

PrE-Easter for the Fairies

Like 0 Google +1 0 Retweet 0 I don’t know if I mentioned it, but our Fairies tend to mimic the things we do.   There are other types of … Read More »

Springtime for the Fairies

Like 0 Google +1 0 Retweet 0 Wouldn’t you know it?  Here I am, going through my seed magazines, and I found out that our fairy friends already have their … Read More »

Fairy Doors Discovered

Fairy Doors have been appearing all over the country. We are happy to report that fairies have moved into our home as well.