Little Bunny Face….

Whenever my Dad gave my Mom a card, he would sign it with the sweetest little bunny face.

Bunny Face-1-2

Every card, every letter…for all of their married life, he would sign his letters and cards and sweet little notes the same way.

Bunny Face-1

This picture is exactly why my Dad thought Mom was such a sweet bunny face…


(You can’t see it, but that is a pink angora sweater my Mom is wearing..)


(Dad was pretty cute, too).

Since Easter is approaching, I thought it would be sweet to make a few bunny noses (I threw in a few chick noses as well).


You’re welcome.

Bunny Nose-01

Here’s the template for the chick and bunny noses so you can have your own little bunny face.

Straw Toppers Template

Happy Easter!!

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Leprechaun Cupcake Trap

We were robbed.


This very hammer was used to break in to our precious hoard of gold.

How could this have happened?  Read on, my friend.  Read on.

Leprechaun Cupcakes.001

A couple of days ago, I decided to create a new type of Leprechaun trap.  I figured any self-respecting Leprechaun would be enticed by gold hidden in the chocolatey depths of a festively decorated cupcake.


What could possibly go wrong?

Leprechaun Cupcakes.001

Leprechaun Cupcakes.001

Leprechaun Cupcakes.003

Leprechaun Cupcakes.004

Leprechaun Cupcakes.005

Leprechaun Cupcakes.006

Leprechaun Cupcakes.007

Leprechaun Cupcakes.008

Leprechaun Cupcakes.009

Leprechaun Cupcakes.011

Oh, the cute cupcake sleeves?

There are two schools of thought with regard to trapping Leprechauns.  Some say that Leprechauns are suspicious and won’t be tricked into “free gold”.

cupcake sleeves.002

If that’s your belief, this cupcake wrapper is for YOU!

Some believe Leprechauns are too clever to be tricked.

cupcake sleeves.001


Just an innocent looking cupcake covered in shamrocks.

Some believe Leprechauns are very, very greedy.

cupcake sleeves.004

Could this be more obvious?

As for me.  I thought it would be funny to mock the “In an emergency, break glass” idea.

cupcake sleeves.003

Hysterical.  Right?

What were the odds that Leprechauns would have access to a teeny-timy hammer?  I felt confident that my M&M hoard was safe.

Leprechaun Cupcakes.013

I was wrong.

Leprechaun Cupcakes.014

I hadn’t realized that our resident fairies, quite without our knowledge, had decided to rent out their room through Fairybnb (a wholly owned subsidiary of Airbnb).  Clearly, the Leprechauns borrowed a teeny tiny hammer from our teeny tiny fairy friends.

Leprechaun Cupcakes.012

Foiled again.

Leprechaun Trap Cupcake Wrappers


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