My Extraordinary Storybook Life

It has been a rather extra-ordinary year.

Here’s the story.

Mr. H. and I decided that it was time to down-size and move closer to our family and friends in another state.

Because we were busy freaking out, packing, worrying, sorting, working, shuffling, organizing, storing, pitching, donating, juggling, laughing, crying (just a little), good-bye-ing, hello-ing, down-sizing, out-sizing, super-sizing, up-sizing and, ultimately moving, I just couldn’t find the head space to update What Will We Do Today!!

Want the whole story?

Read along.

OUAT 1 to 5-01 OUAT 1 to 5-02 OUAT 1 to 5-03 OUAT 1 to 5-04 OUAT 1 to 5-05 OUAT 6 to 10-01 OUAT 6 to 10-02 OUAT 6 to 10-03 OUAT 6 to 10-04 OUAT 6 to 10-05 OUAT 11 to 15-01 OUAT 11 to 15-02 OUAT 11 to 15-03 OUAT 11 to 15-04 OUAT 11 to 15-05 OUAT 16 to 20-01 OUAT 16 to 20-02 OUAT 16 to 20-03 OUAT 16 to 20-04 OUAT 16 to 20-05 OUAT 21 to 25-01 OUAT 21 to 25-02 OUAT 21 to 25-03 OUAT 21 to 25-04 OUAT 21 to 25-05 OUAT 26 plus-01 OUAT 26 plus-03 OUAT 26 plus-04 OUAT 26 plus-05 OUAT 26 plus-06 OUAT 26 plus-07 OUAT 26 plus-08 OUAT 26 plus-09 OUAT 26 plus-10 OUAT 26 plus-11




And they lived happily ever after…..

Oh, and for those of you who have written and asked if I was going to blog again, I thank you for your concern.  It has really soothed me to know that you are all still out there!

It’s a new journey of discovery and I’m so glad you are along for the ride.

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CD Spider Babies

Spider plants have always reminded me of macrame.


(In the event you did not grow up in the 1970s [the decade that style forgot], macrame is essentially a friendship bracelet for your plants).

As it happens, I haven’t been a fan of shag toilet seat covers, wood paneled rooms or macrame wall hangings for decades.  As a result of my total rejection of all things 70s, I haven’t had a spider plant in my home for several decades.

Until two years ago.

A friend (Betsy, you know who you are…) gave me a spider plant baby.


A baby she had weaned from her Momma Spider Plant.


What a lovely, thoughtful gift.

I left this baby in her little baby spider plant glass of water for…well…better than a year (don’t tell Betsy)….and then I decided to plant her.


Wow!   I felt so abundantly maternal.  I loved these little spider plant babies.

So naturally, I wanted to grow some more.

In a seemingly unrelated bit of housewifery, I was cleaning out my office closet and found that I had a stash of no longer needed CDs.





I carefully snipped some little spider plant babies from their little spider plant umbilical stalks.


…and then inserted these little darlings into the CDs (shiny side up) so that their little spider plant baby leaves wouldn’t touch the water (plus, it looked really cool).


Over time, the little spider plant babies grew long luxurious roots…


…and I planted them in soil.


I now have a whole clutter of spider plant babies (the collective name for spiders is either cluster or clutter.  I prefer clutter…cluster seems …. ominous…)


If I could only remember how to macrame.

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